Sunday, 23 October 2011


i've been drawing up some panel layouts, trying to decide how to tackle this story visually.
its actually really hard, because there are so many possibilities, that i dont know what the best choices are.
but i guess practice it the only way.
and outside input.

having never made a comic (...well, there was "i am the cheese", but that doesnt count.) its hard to know if the story is flowing, and the pacing is good.

here is a test panel i chose from the ones i've drawn, because it looked the best.

i find it hard to get a clean line when drawing digitally, so i may draw this traditionally.
though the upside of digital is being able to transform what you've drawn. and the undo button.
i wish my life had an undo button.

Friday, 14 October 2011


upon having a new-found obsession with Mass Effect 2, i discovered that my comic book character has a few similarities with (not personality-wise, but history and biotic-implant-wise) a character called jack, aka subject zero.

since i played this game after developing my idea, it dont count as copying, hm!

Friday, 7 October 2011


been doing more stuff for my comic book module.

below picture was done using indian ink and some pastels. it looked shit when i scanned it in, so my questionable photoshop skills gave it this outcome:

oh and i've decided on a name for her: Alina

and, and, and i got some new pens, weeeeee! so i tested them on this character.
not sure what his name is yet.