Wednesday, 11 January 2012


trying to come up with a cover for my comic, and im not sure what to do, so i done a few sketches

Monday, 2 January 2012


i've come to an artistic block atm. i wish i wanted to just sit down and draw, but i really dont want to, and if i did, im sure the outcome wouldnt be very good. bleh.
but i spose thats part of being an artist right? hopefully.

anyhoo, my sketch book is full. and i'm too poor and lazy to go buy another one. so i was filling up spaces with pen drawings before i moved back home.
the first 4 images were done without using pencil first, which i never do. was quite good fun actually.

i apologise if they look shite. my laptop screen is really bad, and needs calibrated. i need a new screen. and computer.

i started this a week ago, but i dont think i'll finish it :/ so i'll just post it here.
and again, on my screen this looks good (colour/contrast-wise)

 hope everyone had a good christmas/new year and shit like that and got lots of nice presents and got drunk.