Tuesday, 28 August 2012


ANOTHER POST? Don't you do anything else with your time Claire? Don't you have a life?


click on the image, then right-click open in new tab on the bigger image to view the better resolution file plz :D

It started out as a drawing of a dude, then slenderman found himself in the background.
Just mucking about with layers n cameras n shit in After Effects.

Why does the guy not have a shirt on in the woods?


  1. Be careful with AE, at first you're all, "Hey yeah this looks horribly complicated I'll never get sucked into using this..." AND THEN YOU'RE ON THAT SHIT ALL THE DAMN TIME...FIDDLIN'

    Fiddlin' is a full time occupation.

    And it looks like you got the 3D space thing on right? Man...that shit is so sexy >=| and he has no shirt because Slenderman does not allow it.

    1. Fiddlin' eh? >:D

      thats the only reply you are getting to this comment u__u