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this is the post in which i give an overview of the state of the world my comic is set in.
my longest post yet. hang in there, theres pix at the bottom.


robots were sick of being slaves to humanity, so they revolted. it was going fairly peacefully until the military took violent action against the robots, that turned peaceful protests into a war.
both sides started making weapons to wipe out the other.
humans started experiments on their own kind, to make "super-soldiers": half robot, half human. But before scientists could perfect their weapon, the robots unleashed a bio-chemical weapon that almost destroyed the human race.
it killed most of the population, and mutated some survivors into feral creatures. others were immune to its effects. (the same impact was had on animals.)
robots now colonise in certain cities, but left others to crumble. the abandoned cities is where small pockets of humanity fight for survival.

MAIN CHARACTER: a recent history
(un-named so far)

a government group set up an experimentation facility. as far as the public was concerned, it didn't exist. this group abducted civilians as subjects for their work on perfecting the "super-soldier" weaponry. once perfected, they would then use willing soldiers from within the army to become human/robot hybrids.
this group only abducted people whose disappearance would not raise great suspicion, which is why they had to research their targets.

one of these targets was the main character. she was stalked by this group for weeks. they planted bugs in her house, and monitored her activities. she started getting suspicious and scared, so she phoned the police. they said they would handle the case, but she never heard back from them. until one night, when the group decided to abduct her. she fought back with unexpected venom and strength, and almost got away. a police car showed up to the scene. thinking they'd come to rescue her, she cried for help, but the police knocked her out and helped load her into a van.
she woke up strapped to a metal table.

years and years after the war, a small group of young humans, who scavenge for food and supplies in different cities, found out about a secret military facility after poking around abandoned government buildings. they managed to find the facility, and found the main character hooked up to machines, in some sort of cryo chamber. they took her back to their base camp near by, while others stayed to find answers about, what looked like a torture chamber, they had just uncovered. the hybrid lay unconscious for weeks, often tossing, turning and screaming in her sleep.

after awakening, she was often plagued by nightmares and flashbacks of what was done to her and the pain she went through during experimentation. she resents and hates what she has been turned into.

that is the general stuff of what has taken place in either the future, or an alternate universe (where everything is the same within the world except technology is far more advanced)
i dont have a plot, know where in the timeline im going to take my comic from, but i think i have a lot of material to work with. so i'll give it more thought.
any and all feedback is welcome! feel free to give your opinion or maybe some ideas!!!

this is the sort of look i want to go for: 

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