Tuesday, 20 September 2011


this being a blog for me to keep track of my uni work, i figured i might as well put up something from uni.

im doing a COMIC ART AND GRAPHIC NOVELS module along side animation. basically, i've to do 2-6 pages of an original story that would be published in a comic anthology. you can either work with a writer and use their script, or do your own. i've come with my own story. im not going to type it all at the moment, because i cant be arsed, so theres a sketch of the main character instead. be grateful anya.

and this ones less good, so its at the bottom.

NEXT TIME:  i post pictures of my character designs for the animation im doing at uni, or maybe the story idea for my comic. which will it be?
you'll have to find out next time! oh what folly!

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